What sets us apart from other online film courses?

#1: We started out just like you.

Well, I guess that's assuming you started out in your mom's basement, like us. We saved the money from our paper route to buy our first camera. Most of our movies were just us lighting each other on fire. We were young, and they were rad.

#2: We've grown our production company from nothing, to now making 7-figures a year.

Our first paid gig was around $300. Fast forward a couple decades, and now our highest paying, single gig was close to 7-figures.

#3: Our track record speaks for itself.

In high school, we kept ourselves busy making wedding videos and slideshows for the football team...now we work for some of the biggest companies on the planet: Microsoft, Amazon, DJI, The Discovery Channel, Entertainment Tonight, Pro-Form, etc. Jeff Bezos even reached out to us to say we created his favorite spot Amazon has ever produced. We have the email to prove it. :)

#4: Film Creator Pro was created by real, working filmmakers.

Before we created Film Creator Pro, we noticed all the other film courses out there are taught by people who specialize in wedding videos or one-person crews so we wanted to create something that helped people scale beyond the one-person crew and to run full fledged sets. We've also made movies that have played around the world and want to help our students do the same.

#6: Here we are with a buffalo:

His name is Dave and yes, that is a saddle. We were told it's the only buffalo in the country that you can ride.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a subscription?

Nope! Once purchased, you will always have access to courses you bought (even anything new that we add)!

Can I take each course at my own pace?

Of course! These are self-guided lessons, meaning you can skip over sections you already know or go back and cover something you want to understand better. All the content is instantly unlocked the second you enroll. We don't believe in locking lessons for any reason.

Who are your courses for

Film Creator Pro was designed for people of all skill levels. The beginner will learn everything they need to get a business up and running and the more advanced user will learn new tricks to take their game to the next level!




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